Débora Caro Reyes  (Concepción, 1994) is a Chilean artist and photographer, based in Santiago de Chile. She studied MA Publishing at the University of the Arts, London (2022), Graduated with honours in Photography, an editorial projects diploma (2018), and graduated in visual arts bachelor degree at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (2018).  
Caro works with various formats and media such as photography, photobooks, artist books, graphic and audiovisual sources and mainly installations. Taking autobiographical experiences, she reflects on the perception of psychological domestic violence witnessed during childhood and the sequels in later adulthood. Her oeuvre works as revealing method to break the normalization rooted in these environments and herself, taking at the same time distance in order to be able to see, show and connect with the viewer. She has been a finalist at the 11th edition of the Arte Laguna Prize at the Arsenale in Venice, Italy (2017), in the 5th contest for young artists at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) Quinta Normal in Santiago, Chile (2017), at a collective exhibition in  "Espacio Vilches UC" Gallery of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, and others.
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